MENSA - The World's Largest Gifted Association

MENSA - The World's Largest Gifted Association

In general, the vast majority of curious people on the internet have heard of MENSA.

However, very few know for sure what type of institution it is, and if it is worth applying to it.

This article seeks to summarize in 10 questions and answers everything you need to know about Mensa.

I am sure it will be of great help, especially if you are interested in belong to MENSA.

What is MENSA?

Let's start from the beginning:

MENSA was founded in 1946 by the:

  • Attorney Roland Berrill, and the
  • Doctor Lance Ware

Where the only requirement to be a member was to have a high IQ, more than 98% of the population.

Originally the MENSA goal was to create a society :

  • oblivious to politics, and
  • free from religious and racial distinctions.

Over the years, MENSA has evolved and redefined its objectives.

Next I will mention the 3 main objectives of MENSA nowadays:

  • Identify and promote human intelligence.
  • Encourage research on the nature and uses of intelligence.
  • Provide its members with a friendly and socially stimulating environment.

What does MENSA mean?

MENSA comes from a Latin word that means “table”. Well, they are considered a round table where everyone is equal and has freedom of expression.

MENSA does not distinguish its members by:

  • Race
  • Creed
  • Nationality
  • Economic situation
  • Etc

It is an institution where the only thing that is taken into account is intelligence.

What CI is needed to enter MENSA?

All it takes to enter MENSA is to have obtained an intelligence quotient greater than 98% of the population (IQ greater than approximately 130).

Only the score obtained in an intelligence test properly managed and supervised by an expert.

What IQ tests are valid for entering MENSA?

To enter MENSA you can choose one of the options listed below:

  • Solve a test of MENSA
  • Send the result of a test already applied.

If you have already solved an IQ test and you are wondering if your result is valid. Don't worry, you just have to make sure that the test has been applied by a registered or certified psychologist.

Keep in mind that the process of reviewing your result is completely free.

Is there an own MENSA test?

Yes of course. MENSA can perform an intelligence test in case you do not have enough means to apply one.

If you want to request an exam from MENSA, you can contact them by clicking on the link corresponding to your country:

See list of countries

How much does it cost to take the MENSA exam?

Currently the price to be evaluated by MENSA is 25 euros.

Is there anything extra paid once I have passed the exam?

The only additional expense is the annual payment of a fee of approximately 43 euros.

Money that is used for the self-financing of the institution.

From what age can you apply for MENSA?

Mensa admits members from 14 years of age.

In which countries is MENSA present?

MENSA has approximately 70,000 members worldwide, divided into 2 main groups:

  • American Mensa, and
  • British Mensa

MENSA is currently present in 54 countries:

Flag Country Members Membership fee Information
International International 450+ (DIM) 20 GBP Contact
Argentina Argentina 400+ 2500 ARS Contact
Australia Australia 2500+ 88 AUD Contact
Austria Austria 1000+ 44 EUR Contact
Belgium Belgium 500+ 40 EUR Contact
Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina - - Contact
Brazil Brazil 650+ 100 BRL Contact
Bulgaria Bulgaria 130+ 50 BGN Contact
Canada Canada 2022 $75 CAD Contact
Channel Islands Channel Islands 150+ 45 GBP (40 GBP by DD) Contact
China China - 20 GPB Contact
Colombia Colombia 100+ 42000 COP Contact
Croatia Croatia 750+ 150 HRK Contact
Cyprus Cyprus 110+ 20 GBP (Payable to MIL) Contact
Czech Republic Czech Republic 4000+ 700 CZK (CRM Included) Contact
Denmark Denmark 1800+ 450 DKK Contact
Finland Finland 3300 35 EUR Contact
France France 4000+ 60 EUR Contact
Germany Germany 14600+ 55 EUR Contact
Greece Greece 1100+ 40 EUR Contact
Hong Kong Hong Kong 300+ 250 HKD Contact
Hungary Hungary 3850+ 8000 HUF Contact
India India 1500+ 1000 INR Contact
Indonesia Indonesia 175+ - Contact
Ireland Ireland 850+ 70.95 EUR / 59.95 GBP (DD 64.95 EUR / 54.95 GBP) Contact
Israel Israel - - Contact
Italy Italy 1800+ 40 EUR Contact
Japan Japan 1500+ 3000 JPY Contact
Luxembourg Luxembourg 100+ 40 EUR Contact
Malaysia Malaysia 900+ 80 RM Contact
México México 400+ 400 MXN Contact
Montenegro Montenegro 200+ 20 EUR Contact
Netherlands, The Netherlands, The 4300+ 40 EUR (2.50 discount for DD) / 17,5 EUR Entrance Fee Contact
New Zealand New Zealand 600+ 45 NZD Contact
North Macedonia North Macedonia 100+ 200 MKD (400 MKD for 3 years) Contact
Norway Norway 2000+ 500 NOK Contact
Pakistan Pakistan 250+ 2500 PKR Contact
Peru Peru 100+ 80 soles Contact
Philippines Philippines 160+ 1200 PHP (3000 3 years) Contact
Poland Poland 2200+ 150 PLN Contact
Romania Romania 800+ 60 RON Contact
Serbia Serbia 1100+ 2500 RSD Contact
Singapore Singapore 1400+ 60 SGD Contact
Slovakia Slovakia 200+ 25 EUR Contact
Slovenia Slovenia 250+ 25 EUR (20 EUR if 25+ yo) Contact
South Africa South Africa 1300+ 400 ZAR Contact
South Korea South Korea 2400+ 50,000 KRW Contact
Spain Spain 1750+ 39 EUR Contact
Sweden Sweden 7200+ 345 SEK Contact
Switzerland Switzerland 1600+ 68 CHF Contact
Taiwan (R.O.C.) (Chinese Taipei) Taiwan (R.O.C.) (Chinese Taipei) 600+ 800 NTD Contact
Turkey Turkey - 20 GBP (Join via Mensa International) Contact
United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates 50+ 20 GBP (Payable to MIL) Contact
United Kingdom United Kingdom 19,000+ Standard Rate: £59.95/71.95 Euro (£5 discount for direct debit payment) Contact
United States United States 50,000+ 79 USD Contact

Example of a brief IQ test prepared by MENSA

Here is an exercise proposed by MENSA some time ago.

It shouldn't take more than 20 minutes to solve it.

Try it! You have nothing to lose.

By clicking on the "eye" you will see the answers.

1. What number is missing in this sequence?

4 - 9 - 16 - 25 - ? - 64

See answer

2. If FP = 10 and HX = 16, then DX =?

See answer

3. Which letter should be next in this sequence?

L - K - J - H

See answer

4. Two people walk 4 meters from the same point in the opposite direction, then turn left and walk 3 meters.

How far away are they?

See answer

5. PEAR is to APPLE as POTATO is to:

a) Banana
b) Radish
c) Strawberry
d) Peach
e) Lettuce

See answer

6. What word is obtained by rearranging the letters SACPRAADAI?

See answer

7. A 30 cm wooden cube. on the side it is painted completely red; then it is cut into 27 cubes of 10 cm each.

How many will be the wrong cubes that will have only two painted faces?

See answer

For the curious of human intelligence, I leave this video.

I am sure you will love it.

If you are really interested in belonging to MENSA, I recommend you try before with an IQ test on the internet.

In order to obtain an approximate IQ score.

It will also help you strengthen your mind and ability to solve problems.

There are many tests on the internet.

This time I recommend you solve the one proposed by InstaIQ:

Since it is an image-based intelligence test, it will demand as much of you as a Test carried out by MENSA.

Happy brain image

1. Your IQ according to Insta IQ

Your calculated IQ after taking the test.

2. Professional report

Analysis of your performance and comparison with those evaluated worldwide.


3. Conclusions

According to your age, area and educational level.

If you want to solve the IQ test and so measure your skills, I invite you to visit the following link:

Take our IQ test now

If you have already solved it and your result was favorable. Then you have everything you need to belong to MENSA.

Remember: A high IQ does not determine your success in life, but it is an important fact to know.

I wish you success in everything!

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