Does a high IQ guarantee success?

Does a high IQ guarantee success?

We have all believed in and been part of social stereotypes at some point in our lives.

One of the most common is to believe that a high IQ is a guarantee of success.

Why not believe in it if some of the most successful millionaires in the field of technology, economy, business, etc., are gifted people, with an IQ well above average?

We usually assume that those with high IQs have a secure future, and their lives are inherently destined for success.

On the other hand, it is a popular belief that those who are blessed with this gift of brilliance generally have fewer social skills.

This leads us to ask ourselves the following questions:

Really more genius, less emotional intelligence?

For years, specialists in the field, try to understand how the IQ influences in the management of everyday situations.

The first exam sketches to calculate the IQ were started in the military armies, and later in the educational field, with the aim of detecting learning problems in minors.

One of the first psychologists with more relevance, in studying the IQ, was Lewis Terman.

He conducted a study that featured gifted children, finding among his conclusions that those children did not fit the social stereotypes that were often associated with them.

Consequently, it is understood that those children:

  • They were not weak, nor sick, much less social misfits.
  • They were actually in better health, and much better adjusted than other children their age.

After his death, several experts in the field of psychology continued his investigation.

Even today, this study is still ongoing, being one of the most longitudinal in global history.

Having spent several years, it was found that some of the original participants in the research have achieved success.

Later, 200 more participants were added. It is intended to follow up on each of them, until the end of their days.

When an evaluation of the participants was made in 1955:

  • He was surprised that their income was 5 or 6 times higher than the average,
  • and the vast majority of them became professionals

But not everyone ran with the same luck. Those who continued with the research decided to take 100 individuals from different groups, all with an above-average IQ, with the surprise that:

  • The vast majority of the second group had high rates of alcoholism and divorces,
  • and only a few graduated and earn slightly more than the average.
Really more genius, less emotional intelligence?

So does a high IQ ensure a successful life?

Why were the results so different between the first and second group of studies?

If a high IQ ensures success in life, why did the individuals in the second group fare poorly?

Here is the explanation:

  • Terman originally separated the individuals into groups.
  • He put in a first group those who in their childhood showed prudence and foresight, momentum, perseverance and the desire to excel.
  • Upon reaching adulthood, these individuals showed 3 characteristics that the second group showed in less capacity: goal orientation, self-confidence and perseverance.

Therefore, it is concluded that:

  • Although IQ plays a huge role in a person's life,
  • it is the personality traits that determine the outcome.
So does a high IQ ensure a successful life?

In short, what really guarantees success?

Excelling in college for high marks is not a guarantee of success, in any way.

We can affirm this since:

A lot of research studies has shown that those who are exceptionally good during their studies, and possess brilliant academic skills, often experience social problems.

Is not always that way. But there is a tendency not to develop the social side much when one is very focused on continuing and not stopping learning.


Those with high IQs have been confirmed to be more open to trying new things:

  • Which includes drugs like marijuana or some other vice,
  • as well as the practice of extreme sports, or
  • the execution of experiments in general, that can put their lives at risk, or destabilize them.

This is called openness to experience, and is defined as a personality trait characterized by curiosity.

As the investigations continue, it seems to lean more and more on the conclusions Terman came to:

Intelligence is an important component, but high intelligence by itself is no guarantee of success Lewis Terman

We then say that:

  • the family atmosphere,
  • the socioeconomic level,
  • the educational environment,
  • accumulated experiences,
  • personality traits,
  • the will and motivation,
  • curiosity,
  • the quality of defining goals and focusing on them,
  • creativity, and of course
  • emotional maturity,

undeniably, they are all important factors in determining success in your life, in addition to your IQ level.

So, whether your IQ level is very high, average, or low, finally:

Success is determined by you, based on the decisions you make.

That said, and since you have nothing to lose, do you want to know what your IQ is?

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